Pillar Point Sewage Treatment Work

Business Strategy

York Joint has a long-term friendly and cooperative relations with Mainland China and Hong Kong public and private sectors to provide comprehensive. York Joint has diversified engineering consulting and construction services to clients.

Engineering Consultant

The grave experience in international engineering projects with local knowledge and resources are combined as core competitiveness. Introduction of tailored solutions and services based on the needs of the local market is another major feature of York Joint. Therefore deal with a variety of projects in various regions of the scale with ease.

Project management

The latest international engineering techniques and project management skills with local characteristics and advantages were applied in  safety, environment, quality, cost control, support and management. Under the project management, our brands value was enhanced and become famous in the world.

Construction Engineering

York Joint’s services were covered in building design, management and construction, maintenance and operation of building projects, renovation and interior decoration, etc..

Civil and Mechanical Engineering

Services include water works, highway , slop works and channel works. Within a limit budget and contract period, the project would be completed with higher quality and sustainable manner.